Oral health

Mouth to mouth bacteria transplant may stop dental decay

University of Adelaide researchers are exploring if a unique transplant moving good bacteria from one person’s mouth to another – possibly through a special toothpaste - could be the answer to...

Leicester dental practice opens doors for vulnerable patients

Saffron Lane Dental Practice in Leicester is offering free dental check-ups for children.

Japanese research reveals the cause of bad breath

In a study published in mSystems, researchers from Osaka University revealed that the interaction between two common types of oral bacteria leads to the production of a chemical compound that is a...

Mobile dental service for under-served communities in Hampshire and Isle of Wight

NHS Hampshire and Isle of Wight has partnered with Dentaid The Dental Charity to provide a new mobile dental service for people experiencing health inequalities who struggle to get dental care.

Does gargling mouthwash lead to better sugar control for diabetics?

Researchers from Osaka University found that gargling with an antiseptic mouthwash can reduce ‘bad’ bacteria in the mouths of people with type 2 diabetes and may lead to better blood sugar control.

Government plans to boost the dental workforce by cutting red tape on international registration

The government’s proposal would give the General Dental Council (GDC) powers to provisionally register dentists trained overseas to start delivering care as quickly as possible.

Tackling oral biofilm at home

Margaret Black reveals the trick to keeping oral disease at bay.

A wake-up call for dental professionals

A look at how to tackle sleep apnoea.

Help on the road to recovery

Proper wound care is crucial to promote healing and prevent infection. Tom Alcraft shares his tips.

Essex pilot service improves access to urgent dental care

Local patients with severe tooth pain now have improved access to urgent dental appointments thanks to a pilot service by Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care Board (ICB).

Plymouth works towards its three key oral health priorities

Plymouth’s Dental Taskforce has agreed on the three key priorities that it will collectively work towards to improve NHS dental provision for local residents.

Free dental treatments available in Lancashire

People in Lancashire and South Cumbria can get complex procedures for free for a limited time.