Restorative dentistry

Material matters

Cemal Ucer explains how to choose the right bone grafting material to achieve the best clinical outcomes for your patients.

Restorative system deemed suitable for medium to large class II restorations

A five-year multicenter clinical study confirms Equia Forte is a suitable material for medium to large class II restorations.

Researchers set to explore the long-term physical impacts of wearing dentures

Recent surveys have suggested that as many as 15 per cent of those visiting dental practices in England have either partial or complete dentures, with that number expected to increase significantly...

Charity calls for the NHS to provide free dental repairs for seizure damage

Data from the Epilepsy Society shows that half of people who have suffered dental injuries during a seizure have not had them repaired because they can’t afford the treatment. Sixty-nine per cent had...

Supporting patients with fixed dental prostheses

Kimberley Lloyd considers the options available to clinicians.

Balancing speed and quality in implant dentistry

A look at how to improve patients' quality of life.

Many ways lead to Rome: Implant dentistry symposium

The Oral Reconstruction (OR) Global Symposium themed 'Quo Vadis Implant Dentistry', held from May 18 to 20, 2023, in Rome, was visited by around 1000 participants from 42 countries.

Could false teeth increase the risk of pneumonia?

Researchers from Cardiff University began by taking mouth, tongue and denture swabs from a group of patients in a hospital who had pneumonia and wore dentures. They then compared this to samples taken...

Changing views on the restorability of teeth

Alyn Morgan explores how attitudes towards endodontics are shifting.

The assessment of occlusion in restorative dentistry

Tif Qureshi explains what to consider when choosing your approach.

Overcoming challenges when providing crowns

Nicolas Coomber discusses the importance of treatment planning.