Fazeela Khan-Osborne

Founder of the FACE team at One To One Dental Clinic on Harley Street.

Understanding menopause

Fazeela Khan-Osbourne explores its impact on dental treatment.

The dentist will see you now, and again, and again

Fazeela Khan Osborne discusses how to maximise the longevity of implants.

Invest in your career, and it can pay you back

Fazeela Khan-Osborne considers how implant training can add value to your role.

Training and education are key to the future

Fazeela Khan-Osborne explores the benefits of learning training in dental implants.

Taking control of your career journey

Fazeela Khan-Osborne celebrates the training opportunities available for women in dentistry.

Suffering from imposter syndrome?

Fazeela Khan Osborne explains how to banish self-doubt with learning.

Someone who cares

Fazeela Osborne Khan asks what makes an exceptional dentist.

The dental nurse is the lynchpin

Fazeela Khan-Osbourne explains why educating every member of the team is the key to success.

Futureproof your practice

Fazeela Khan-Osborne explains the benefits of expanding your treatment list.