Luke Moore

founder and director of Dental Elite

Assessing the UDA advantage

Why is a PDS contract a big plus for your practice valuation? Luke Moore explains.

More options, more possibilities  

Luke Moore explores the benefits of diversifying your financial opportunities.

Much-needed relief in an energy crisis?

Luke Moore considers the impact of the government's plans in dentistry.  

Market insights – what’s new?

Luke Moore discusses fluctuations and cycles in the economic environment.

Owning a dental practice – do it right

Owning your first dental practice is an impressive milestone in your personal and professional life. It is a long process, and being prepared is the key to making the transaction as smooth as...

Looking beyond the city

Luke Moore considers the changing demand for dental practices.

Budget 2021: What does this mean for you?

Luke Moore discusses what the chancellor's plans mean for dental professionals.

Optimising finances

Luke Moore discusses what practices can do to prepare themselves for the Covid-19 comeback.