Michael Lansdell

Director at Figurit Chartered Accountants (formerly Lansdell & Rose)

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Improving the tax efficiency of joint income

Michael Lansdell breaks down the potential benefits, and drawbacks, of joint income election.

Do you have tax confusion over cryptoassets? You’re not the only one

Michael Lansdell explains some of the common misconceptions when handling cryptoassets.

Changes to inheritance tax and capital gains tax on hold (for now)

Michael Lansdell explains Tax Administration Maintenance days, and explores the 2021 reviews of inheritance tax and capital gains tax.

Burden of business rates in England alleviated – a bit

Michael Lansdell explores how the October budget will affect businesses in the coming years.

Contradictions over tax-cut promises in October Budget?

Michael Lansdell discusses the chancellor's budget, exploring tax, public spending and inflation.  

People are paying more in income tax – take advantage of all your allowances

Michael Lansdell explores the upcoming changes in income tax

Taken a loan from your company? How to pay it back for optimal tax-efficiency

Michael Lansdell discusses the different options when repaying a loan from your company.

Capital allowances: the basics broken down

Michael Lansdell discusses capital allowances and tax efficiency.

Accelerated tax payments - the writing has been on the wall for some time

Michael Lansdell discusses the government's plan to accelerate tax payments - with quarterly or maybe even monthly payments demanded from companies and individuals who pay through self-assessment.

Reward your staff with a cost-free pay rise

Michael Lansdell explains how you can give your staff a pay rise, by using salary sacrifice.

Capital Gains Tax: is clarity coming?

Michael Lansdell discusses the lack of clarity in capital gains tax, and explains the recommendations that have been set forth to amend this

Is this the end for dividends?

Michael Lansdell discusses the impact COVID-19 has had on dividends