Michael Sultan

Clinical director of EndoCare

Giving ‘mouth to mouth’ a whole new meaning!

Micheal Sultan discusses oral bacteria transplants.

A growing appetite for oral health

Michael Sultan discusses the changing awareness of food’s impact on teeth.

Regrowing teeth – is the dream still alive?

Michael Sultan looks at recent scientific research.

At the heart of the matter

Could oral indicators of CVD improve preventive healthcare? Micheal Sultan discusses the importance of World Heart Day.

What can we expect from the future?

Michael Sultan considers the impact that nanodentistry could have.

The future fight against tooth decay

Michael Sultan looks at the challenges ahead.

A new wave of childhood tooth decay

Michael Sultan discusses the impact the pandemic has had on oral health.

Social media and oral health

Michael Sultan considers the power online platforms have over behaviours.

Something to chew on

Michael Sultan discusses novel ways to administer drugs.

Mental health in modern times

Michael Sultan looks at the impact the events of 2020 have had on our wellbeing.

Growing trust

Michael Sultan discusses the ways dental practices can build patient confidence.