Sarah Bradbury

Head of marketing and communications at Dentists' Provident

Look into my eyes…

Sarah Bradbury discusses communication in the post-pandemic world.

The cost of covid

Sarah Bradbury considers the impact that covid has had on the dental industry.

The age of caring

Sarah Bradbury discusses what you should think about when considering social care for the elderly.

Staying safe even on staycation

Sarah Bradbury considers the health risks associated with the summer sun.

Friend of foe?

Sarah Bradbury asks whether technology is a help or a hindrance to our everyday lives.

Reading the signs

Sarah Bradbury explains how being aware is the first step to being prepared.

A high price to pay?

Sarah Bradbury explores the human and financial cost of type 2 diabetes.

Being prepared

Sarah Bradbury explains why it is important to invest in your health.

Back for the future

Sarah Bradbury explains the importance of prevention to minimise back problems.

Just a scratch

Sarah Bradbury explains how a needle stick injury could cost sufferers their career.