Stephen Hancocks

The last bite (May)

Stephen Hancocks discusses DIY dentistry, abandoned dental clinics and tooth enamel analysis.

The last bite (March)

Stephen Hancocks discusses overseas dentistry, vocabulary and wine in the latest instalment of 'The last bite', taken from the March issue.

The last bite (February)

Stephen Hancocks provides a round-up of some recent news stories in dentistry, discussing fudge, modelling and kissing.

The last bite (January)

First and foremost my best wishes for a Happy New Year to our readers. I hope, as we all do, that 2022 will be an improvement on 2021, and certainly on 2020 as we gradually leave the worst of the...

The last bite (November)

To be honest, the revelation that dental fees and charges vary in different cities and regions around the country and within the countries of the UK leaves me somewhat underwhelmed.

The last bite (October)

I was fascinated to read that in a recent survey, 63 per cent of people questioned claimed being friends with their dentist influences their dental treatment in a very positive way.

The last bite (September)

The pandemic has changed a lot of things for a lot of us around the world, but an interesting trend noted in Australia is one that I have not as yet seen alluded to here in the UK. Apparently,...

The last bite (August)

One of the most distressing, emerging effects of the pandemic is the confusion around mixed messages. Masks or no masks, self-isolation or out and about, quarantine or do as you please? But I can’t...

The last bite

Don't forget gum disease I’m not usually the one to say ‘I told you so’ but if you check back to an issue of The Dentist in the year 2000 you should find my prediction that periodontology was going...

The last bite

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The last bite

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The last bite

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