Oral health

Recent experiences accessing a dentist: ‘I was told I was close to not making it’

The Mail on Sunday recently asked its readers to share their experiences accessing a dentist, and described the responses they received as ‘horror stories’.

Honorary OBE for 20 years of Mouth Cancer Foundation service

The founder of the Mouth Cancer Foundation, Vinod Joshi, has been awarded an honorary Office of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, (OBE), by her Majesty, the Queen, in recognition of...

‘NHS Dental Statistics for England, 2021-22, Biannual Report’

The new ‘NHS Dental Statistics for England, 2021-22, Biannual Report’ was published on February 24.

UK not even in top 10 European countries for dental hygiene, new study finds

According to a new study, people in Ireland, Lithuania and Azerbaijan all take better care of their teeth than Brits.

Less antibiotic use in dentistry gave no increase in endocarditis, study finds

Sweden is one of the few countries that have removed the dental health recommendation to give prophylactic antibiotics to people at a higher risk of infection of the heart valves, so-called infective...

Man turned away from dentist after being attacked on a night out

Alexander Shaban had been a patient at Cheddar Dental Practice all his life, but when he desperately needed treatment, he was turned away.

British tourist reunited with false teeth he lost in Spain 11 years ago

Paul Bishop, now 63, lost his false teeth whilst vomiting in a bin after a big night out in Benidorm in 2011.

Scotland: ‘enormous’ backlog for NHS dentistry

The BBC has reported that “Scotland's dental leaders say the backlog for patients getting NHS treatment is ‘enormous’”.

Healthy Smiles animation launched

An animation promoting good oral health and healthy eating for young children was unveiled by the Lanarkshire Chinese Association (LCA) recently to coincide with the Chinese New Year.

For 80 minutes that really count, first tackle oral health

With rugby fans across Europe excited about the upcoming Six Nations, few realise – from players to supporters – that healthy teeth and gums could help determine who dominates the scrum.

Colgate launches ‘HappyHabits’ campaign in partnership with dentist Monik Vasant and Dr Alex George

A survey of 2,000 people, commissioned by Colgate, revealed a decline in daily oral care routines as a result of lockdown.

BioMin supports research into oral health care

BioMin Technologies Ltd, manufacturer of BioMin F, BioMin C and BioMin F for Kids toothpastes, is delighted to support research in oral health care by sponsoring the annual BSDHT poster competition.