A cost-effective solution

16 November 2023

Nicolas Coomber considers the options available for patients who desire aesthetic results.

While many people feel generally happy with the overall appearance of their teeth, a survey has revealed that 71 per cent of UK adults don’t feel comfortable showing their teeth when they smile for a photo. For some, social media plays a key role, with 31 per cent of people admitting that social media regularly makes them feel anxious about their smile. While a dental professional will understand many of the minor adjustments that can be made to improve the overall appearance of the teeth, patients may feel that more extreme measures are needed to make them happy. Stories of Brits travelling to other countries for cosmetic treatments have plagued the headlines recently, with many seeking veneers or even crowns to replace what where perfectly healthy teeth.

So, how should clinicians manage patients who want a smile makeover? What are the options for minimally invasive treatment with an impact? And how can clinicians provide this cosmetic dentistry in a cost-effective way?

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