“A fresh start needed for dental contracts in Wales”

29 May 2019
1 min read

The NHS Dental Services Contract came into force in 2006 in Wales and pays an annual amount for dental work which is split into Units of Dental Activity (UDA).

Because the payment is the same whether a dentist undertakes one or more similar procedures, the Committee was told there was no incentive for dentists to take on high-needs patients, as they would be paid the same amount for doing more work.

The Committee is concerned that the current UDA system may discourage some dentists from taking on high-needs patients, particularly in areas of deprivation where poorer access to dental services already exists.

Dai Lloyd AM, chair of the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee, said, “What is clear to this committee is that the current NHS contract arrangements for dentists simply aren’t working.

“Paying someone the same amount to deliver a course of treatment on a patient regardless of the amount of work involved makes little sense.

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