A naturally aesthetic smile

01 February 2018
6 min read

The following case presentation exemplifies the amazing smile transformation that can be accomplished with a minimally invasive approach. When there have been no other alternatives, I have achieved excellent aesthetic results with veneers. However, I feel that substantial improvements can be made without the need to drill the teeth, and avoiding the significant cost implications that a ceramic smile makeover usually involves. This alignment, bleaching and bonding case was completed in six months and, in my opinion, is a perfect example of how minimal intervention dentistry, can achieve optimum aesthetic results.

A 71-year-old patient came to see me at Start Smiling because she was unhappy with her crowded and chipped teeth (fig 1). She didn’t like the colour of her teeth or the dark lines around some of her old crowns and bridges (fig 2). She desperately wanted a full smile makeover, but didn’t want the ‘false’ look she had often seen when researching ceramic veneers.

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