A new, unprecedented era in brushing with the Oral-B iO

26 June 2020
2 min read

Oral-B iO represents a step forward in creating the right balance between effectiveness and experience and reimagines how a brush performs, cleans and feels. From its revolutionary design to the harmony of its oscillation rotation and micro-vibrations technology, Oral-B iO wholly transforms brushing from a perceived 'chore' to a pleasurable experience that patients will love.

'Oral-B is committed to continually advancing our technology to provide a superior* clean while also perfecting the art of brushing for the most enjoyable experience,' says Ian Barton R&D Senior Director. 'We re-engineered our iconic round brush head technology and combined oscillation rotation with the gentle energy of micro-vibrations to deliver a gentle, sensational clean patients can’t resist.'

Oral-B iO’s innovative key features include:

  • Deep, but uniquely gentle clean: Oral-B’s iconic round brush head contours each tooth, while the combination of oscillation rotations with the gentle energy of micro-vibrations allows Oral-B iO to glide tooth by tooth for a gentle clean, even along the gumline.
  • Pressure optimization: The new Smart Pressure Sensor light provides positive reinforcement and protects gums by turning green when optimal pressure is applied and red when pressure is too hard.
  • Precision: The new innovative Frictionless Magnetic Drive system gently transfers the energy towards the bristle tips so that it is concentrated where it is needed most, to experience a deep, but uniquely gentle clean. The result, Oral-B’s best ever clean with six times more effective plaque removal along the gumline*.

Oral-B iO’s Interactive Display is equipped with easy navigation through the brush features and allows users topersonalise their brushing experience through a number of settings: welcoming greetings, choice of brushing modes, battery life icons, selection of preferred colour for the icons and Smart Ring, reminders to change the brush head and language settings. It further offers an enhanced, completely holistic brushing experience with a choice of brush colours to fit the user’s personality, a re-invented design and new, sleek magnetic charger, offering a full, long-lasting charge in about three hours.

Oral-B iO also comes with artificial intelligence, and is equipped with position sensors located in the handle. The Series 9 includes 3D teeth tracking technology with A.I enabled brushing recognition to track the lingual and buccal areas of the three bottom and upper jaw areas, plus occlusal surfaces.

Oral-B iO’s superior performance is evident in the results of an eight-week clinical study with peer reviews. In this study, and consistently with decades of clinical performance of Oral-B round head toothbrushes, Oral-B iO out-performed manual toothbrushes, providing a superior clean of teeth and gums. Compared to manual brushes, patients experienced:

  • Twice as much plaque removal, and six times more plaque removal along the gumline
  • Leading to improved gum health and 100% healthier gums in only 1 week

The new Oral-B iO is a brush dental professionals can recommend with confidence, knowing their patients will get a truly one-of-a-kind brushing experience that will encourage them to brush longer and more effectively. In fact, in testing, patients using the Oral-B App, brushed an average of 2 minutes and 27 seconds per session compared to patients using a regular manual toothbrush, who averaged less than a minute.

'Oral-B iO’s innovative advances give patients a sensational clean and an enjoyable, truly one-of-a-kind brushing experience that will encourage cleaner teeth and healthier gums,' says Dr Ian Dunn, Specialist Periodontist. “Dental professionals can confidently recommend Oral-B iO, knowing that patients are brushing with Oral-B’s most superior electric rechargeable toothbrush.'

* vs a regular manual toothbrush

For more information about Oral-B iO, visit https://contest.io.oralb.co.uk/en-gb/?utm_source=OralB-Website&utm_medium=Banner&utm_campaign=iOPre-launch