A safe solution to ease the burden of caring

09 June 2021
1 min read

After almost 18 months of the coronavirus pandemic, the need for dental, medical, scientific and frontline healthcare professionals to remain protected from infection for long periods remains vital.

But the necessity to stay safe for long working shifts is taking a heavy physical toll on thousands of dental and medical professionals, with prolonged use of cumbersome respiratory safety equipment causing facial bruising, skin damage and even serious back/spinal issues, leaving them in considerable pain and discomfort.

The new CleanSpace Halo, now available in the UK from exclusive distributor Denka, provides the same protection as traditional devices, but without the weight and complexity of hoses, cables, belt-mounted battery packs and backpacks. Its lightweight design facilitates mobility and efficiency, whilst the enhanced comfort makes it easy to wear for long shifts.

Even with vaccination programmes underway, the constant use of PPE for frontline healthcare staff is predicted to continue beyond 2021. In March, Michael Ryan, director of the World Health Organization (WHO) health emergencies programme, said, “It is very premature and unrealistic to think that we are going to finish with this virus by the end of the year.”

With recent pressure on government departments from over 20 healthcare organisations for higher standards of efficacy and ease of use, demand for Denka’s CleanSpace Halo has increased exponentially, with sales doubling in the last month alone.

Andrew Cuckson, managing director and owner of Denka UK Ltd, said, “We’ve seen a huge surge in enquiries from dental and healthcare professionals, who see CleanSpace Halo as an ideal solution to the back problems and facial discomfort caused by conventional hooded respirators. It also improves greatly the communication and relationship with patients.”

The CleanSpace Halo is already winning the support in many areas of healthcare; Stuart Jacobs, a Harley Street dental surgeon and specialist prosthodontist, has been using it for five months, and has found it both highly effective and comfortable, even during day-long sessions.

“The ingenious design spreads the weight, so that you barely notice you are wearing it,” he explained. “Its compactness also allows me to wear my loupes and visor over the top, so that my vision is as good as if I wasn't wearing the mask at all, and the soft silicone transparent mask with voice transmission means that communication with patients is clear and effective during procedures.”