A tribute to Janet Goodwin from the Oral Health Foundation

02 October 2020
1 min read

During her time at the Oral Health Foundation, Janet played an influential role in helping steer the trustees to make informed decisions about the direction and future of the charity.  She believed strongly in improving people’s experiences, information and knowledge of dental health and best practices.

Nigel Carter, chief executive of the Oral Health Foundation, considers Janet as a true ambassador for oral health and believes she leaves behind a lasting legacy for the Oral Health Foundation.

Nigel says, “Janet will be sorely missed by many, including myself.  She was not only a highly respected colleague but also a much-loved friend.

“Her unique and vibrant personality allowed Janet to connect with people from all areas and walks of life. We feel incredibly proud to have had Janet represent our charity for so long, and the people we are able to help today can be attributed to her guidance and vision. 

“During her time with our charity, Janet transformed the board of trustees by recruiting a wonderful group of people with forward-thinking approaches to oral health promotion, education and prevention. This will leave our charity in good stead for many years and we will also look back at her time with us with a great fondness and gratitude.”

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