“A true option for the NHS”: initiative aims to optimise orthodontic care

29 August 2023

DentalMonitoring is to announce a major NHS initiative for orthodontists with NHS contracts at the British Orthodontic Society’s Congress. From 3-4 pm on Thursday, September 28, the company’s CEO Philippe Salah, along with pioneering Orthodontists who have been using DentalMonitoring with their NHS patients, will reveal how the company is taking NHS practices to a new level of clinical care and practice optimisation.

DentalMonitoring - the first remote monitoring solution to introduce AI to the orthodontic world - can detect more than 130 intraoral observations from a patient's smartphone, including anteroposterior correction, extraction space closure, midline deviation, bracket debonds, wire movement, aligner seat/unseat, TADs, class II correctors, ties, buttons, attachments and more.

Ahead of the announcement, Philippe Salah, DentalMonitoring’s CEO, commented, “We have been operating in the UK for more than eight years, and have come across the considerable challenges orthodontists are facing with their NHS contracts.  We want to help them to tackle the problems and believe we have developed an effective solution and a way to address their issues.”

Thousands of NHS patients are already benefiting from DentalMonitoring’s remote monitoring solutions. Not only that, DentalMonitoring has been showcased as an example of progress in orthodontics in a special anniversary book; Celebrating 75 years of the NHS.

Philippe Salah added, “The new protocol we have put in place is to actually keep orthodontics as a true option for the NHS, which today seems to be in doubt. Most of the people who know me know how passionate I am about the concept of DentalMonitoring, and extending this to the NHS is a really big part of our 2023 priorities.”

After the presentation, there will be an interactive session allowing delegates to ask questions to Philippe Salah and gain valuable insights into the way DentalMonitoring will be supporting the NHS, orthodontic practices, and patients.  He will be available for one-to-one meetings with delegates along with the DentalMonitoring UKI team. 

BOC delegates will also be able to attend daily ‘Ask the Expert’ sessions with specialist orthodontists Murtuza Hasnaini, Dima Mobarak, and Owen Crotty. Practice team members will have their own dedicated ‘Ask the Expert’ sessions with DentalMonitoring coordinator Modesta Jakstonyte and orthodontic therapist Lucy Nuttall. Other on-stand highlights include demonstrations of DentalMonitoring’s new scanning process, ScanAssist, and a chance to take part in a ‘Beat the AI’ competition.


For more information visit www.dental-monitoring.com