Act natural

22 November 2021
3 min read

Tom Alcraft considers the benefit of organic products.

With mortality rates slowing and life expectancy rising, we are living longer. This means more time to enjoy what life offers, however it also means our bodies are now under more pressure. Age, diet and environment all take their toll – so how do people protect the body from these things?

There is an increasing awareness of what our body consumes, and the dangers of chemicals in cosmetics and health products are steering the population toward healthier alternatives. There has been a surge of interest in natural products: sales of certified organic and natural beauty and wellbeing solutions grew to £120m in 2020, an increase from £106.4m in 2019. However, there are potential risks when taking the natural route.

As a dentist, you want patients to have continued good oral health throughout their life, and you can give them all the relevant information that will keep them safe, educated and healthy.

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