Aesthetic, reliable result

01 July 2020
2 min read

A 14-year-old female presented at Blue Court Dental experiencing pain on the right-hand side of her mouth when consuming sweet foods and drinks. The patient’s medical history indicated that she had an allergy to eggs. Otherwise, she was medically fit and well. It was established that she consumed a high sugar diet which included a large quantity of fruit juice. Her past dental attendance had been irregular. She had attended the practice 12 months previously and had been advised that a restoration was needed but chose not to have treatment at that time.  Prior to this, her last visit was in 2014.

A general examination detected no extra-oral or soft tissue abnormalities. Plaque and calculus were present and there was a cavitated carious lesion on the upper right first molar tooth (fig 1).

Direct restorative options were discussed with the patient and her parent, and composite restoration was recommended. Dietary and oral hygiene advice was given and an appointment with the dental hygienist was booked to take place before the composite treatment was due to commence.

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