An event for the whole dental team!

09 November 2021
1 min read

Straumann is delighted to present “Time For Patient Journey”, an event that puts patients at centre stage of implant treatment.

The interactive programme, which will take place December 1-2, 2021, will encourage a multi-disciplinary and team approach to optimise both treatment outcomes and the patient experience.

A broad range of relevant topics will be covered by outstanding global speakers including Eirik Salvesen, Steven Bongard, Donna Sadler, Hugo Madeira, Shakeel Shahdad, and many more!

Why attend?

  • It's the first virtual event dedicated to practice management.
  • The whole dental team is invited.
  • We provide a new, innovative environment with valuable additional content to view and download.
  • Different formats: short lectures, collection of KOL testimonials, presence of patients and more!
  • Delegates can gain tips and tricks to design their own customised patient journey.
  • 16 world renowned speakers will share their expertise on clinical and practice management topics.

For more details and to book, visit the website or contact the Straumann team!