BADN launches monthly Coffee Catch Ups

31 October 2020
1 min read

The British Association of Dental Nurses, the UK’s professional association for dental nurses, is launching its new monthly Coffee Catch Ups for dental nurses.

Held on the last Saturday of every month at 3pm, the catch ups are designed to give dental nurses a chance to network, chat with and ask questions of BADN president Jacqui Elsden, executive committee members and staff, and to be kept up to date with new developments.

There will also be a guest speaker each month: October’s speaker will be Jennifer da Silva of Parliament Hill, providers of BADN Rewards – BADN’s membership benefits scheme. Jennifer will outline the benefits available under the scheme, and how to make best use of them. It is estimated that BADN members can, with judicious use of the rewards scheme, save around £538.74* per year.

November’s speaker will be Sharon Brennan, of CFC Underwriters, providers of BADN’s indemnity scheme.  Sharon will speak on what indemnity actually is, why dental nurses need it, the different kinds of indemnity available, and current market conditions.

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