Ban on disposable vapes backed by dental association

30 January 2024

The British Dental Association (BDA) has backed the government’s moves to ban disposable vapes, which have been widely criticised for being marketed to younger users.

The professional body acknowledges the use of smoking cessation aids, such as vapes. However, it says it remains concerned about the rise in their use among people who don’t currently smoke, especially in children and young people.

The BDA says that amongst those trying to quit tobacco, vapes should not be viewed as a ‘silver bullet’ and should be used as part of a smoking cessation package alongside other interventions.

Mick Armstrong, BDA Health and Science Committee chair said, “A ban on disposable vapes that transparently target the young is the right choice at the right time.

“The MPs bleating about attacks on personal liberty need to grasp that these products are only two decades old.

“We’re still paying catch up on the science, but there is enough evidence for caution and common-sense restrictions.”