BDA eases financial burden on dentists

01 April 2020
1 min read

The BDA issued a statement last night promising to continue to offer 'unparalleled support and flexibility for its members during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is reducing rates 'while maintaining all of the benefits, protections and security of the RSA-underwritten policy'.

The move will take immediate effect.
The adjusted rates reflect the dramatic changes in working hours and workload of dentists, and typically represent savings of 70-80% for associates and 65-70% for practice owners who were previously working the equivalent of three days or more per week.
Len D’Cruz is head of the BDA’s indemnity team.

He said: 'We’re in uncharted waters. A dentist leaving themselves without any cover right now is sailing without a life jacket.
'It’s fundamental to us that our members should be able to see all the benefits of their cover through and beyond this emergency, while paying lower rates to fairly reflect their changed circumstances.
'We have an occurrence-based policy. So, while we’re all working out what form of practice we’ll be doing in the coming months, whether it’s triage from home or on the frontline at an emergency clinic, it’s more important than ever to have contractual indemnity cover. A practice owner whose staff are taking calls and doing their best to advise patients will still want vicarious liability protection. 
'In a crisis like this, the value of the BDA’s indemnity policy has never been more obvious. As part of the BDA family we can offer members real peace of mind, up to the minute advice and the certainty that we’ll be fighting their corner.'
The policy covers GDC investigations, challenges by a wide range of other regulators, HMRC investigations and adverse media coverage all of which might still be called upon in clinically fallow times.

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