BDA’s Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen elected to European Parliament

28 May 2019
2 min read

The British Dental Association (BDA) has consequently outlined succession plans following the election of Henrik, the General Dental Practice Committee (GDPC) chair, to the European Parliament.

At its meeting in early May, the GDPC agreed that there would be a conflict if an individual was performing both the roles of MEP and GDPC chair at the same time.

The GDPC will be electing a new chair on June 19. Co-vice chairs Shaun Charlwood and Dave Cottam will be covering the chair’s responsibilities in the intervening period.

The BDA’s acting chief executive, Martin Woodrow, said, “The British Dental Association is free of any party-political allegiance, and sets its policies in the best interests of the profession it serves.

“We have clear guidelines for staff and officers engaging in political activity, including elected members seeking political office. These processes ensure our senior team and representative bodies are able to evaluate and manage any role conflicts when and if they emerge.

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