Britons’ dental fears are putting their health at risk

28 June 2019
2 min read

With four out of five Brits admitting to being scared of the dentist, a large number are letting their phobia get the better of them. Despite the NHS advising most people to visit the dentist at least once a year, over a third of Brits haven’t been to the dentist for at least two years, while 12 per cent said they have either not visited the dentist in the last decade or have never had their teeth examined.

The research suggests that Sheffield is the city with the worst dental phobia teeth in Britain, with 42 per cent of those surveyed saying they’ve not attended a dental appointment in the last two years. The Steel City also has the highest percentage of people who have never been to the dentist (nine per cent). Brighton (41 per cent) and Manchester (40 per cent) also appeared in the top five.

Top 10 cities with the highest per cent of people that haven’t been to the dentist in the last two years:

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