Broadening horizons

03 November 2020
2 min read

Ellen Cummings reviews the online launch event for Align Technology's Invisalign Go Plus.

Releasing a new product in the midst of a global pandemic, without the benefit of exhibitions and in-person demonstrations, is a difficult feat – but one which Align Technology pulled off with its online launch event in September. The event introduced Invisalign Go Plus, an addition to the Invisalign Go system, which is now available to general practitioners in the EMEA region.

Invisalign Go is suited for mild to moderate malocclusion treatments from the second premolar to the second premolar, with 20 aligners treating up to 6mm crowding in the upper and lower arches, up to 3mm of spacing in the lower arch (upper arch is variable) and 4mm arch expansion with no AP correction. Building on this, Invisalign Go Plus allows general dentists to treat from the first molar to the first molar, with 26 aligners able to treat up to 8mm of crowding in the upper and lower arches, up to 4mm spacing in the lower arch (upper arch is variable), 5mm of arch expansion and up to 2mm AP correction at the canines.

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