BSPD award for ‘inspirational’ dentist building a brighter future for children

01 May 2020
3 min read
Linzi Maybin

Foundation dentists are trained to go out with Linzi to special schools to teach and screen children’s teeth. Teachers and assistants in these settings are also trained in oral health so that good practice can be maintained after the visit.

Dr Maybin said that as a student, she only had one thirty minute lecture on the management of patients with special educational needs.  After graduating, she got involved with a special school in Halifax and found the experience so rewarding she developed her Happy Teeth project. “I just feel passionate about caring for patients who can’t always communicate that they have a dental problem.”

The refugee centre that Dr Maybin has been working with is Bevan Healthcare, a social enterprise in Bradford while the special schools are mainly in the Leeds area. A Leeds Dental School graduate in 2014, she is currently contributing to webinars for Leeds dental students.

Health Education England had been very forward-looking, she said, and agreed to assign foundation dentists to undertake outreach work alongside her. One of the most rewarding impacts, she said, had been to witness the impact on young dentists. Working with patients who may never have seen a dentist before, they appreciate the difference dentistry can make to people who have nowhere else to turn.

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