Building confidence in dental implantology

18 July 2023

A look at how to find a training course that ticks all the boxes.

A look at how to find a training course that ticks all the boxes.

There are many educational paths in modern dentistry. Depending on your skills, passions and goals, clinicians have carte blanche to explore the areas of dentistry that will benefit their practice, and appeal to their individual interests.

However, taking new steps in your career is never easy, especially if you want to pursue a new skill that’s complex, such as learning how to place dental implants. As with learning any new skill, confidence is key. But how can you build confidence and prepare yourself for this new chapter in your career?

The first step clinicians should take is to enrol on a hands-on course to learn the fundamental skills. However, while this sounds straightforward, finding the course most suited to your requirements isn’t always easy. There are many factors to consider. For instance, the cost of the course, the necessary time commitment and any travel will, of course, need to be taken into account.

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