Campaign to alert patients to the dangers of ‘DIY Ortho’ announced at BOC 2019

24 September 2019
2 min read

This joint campaign will advise patients in all circumstances to visit a trained clinician, ensuring that they have the various options explained so that they can make an informed decision. The website is to be launched in December 2019. The Campaign comes as recent statistics from BOS reveal adult orthodontics continues to rise, with three quarters of orthodontists reporting an increase in adult private patients.  

The BOS is delighted to announce their partnership with the Oral Health Foundation. Both organisations provide patients with expert information that relates to their oral, orthodontic and overall health. By bringing the expertise of the two organisations together on this issue it will empower patients to make the right choices.

Jonathan Sandler, BOS President, said: “In my professional opinion, if you embark on any orthodontic treatment without a suitably trained clinician taking the time to examine you and make appropriate recommendations, you could be in danger of having serious conditions missed, as well as inappropriate and dangerous treatment carried out.  

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