Celebrate the life of Anoop Maini with the BACD

05 October 2020
2 min read

All proceeds for this event will be donated to a charity chosen by Neera Maini in memory of Anoop. As a past president of the BACD and a pioneer within the field, Anoop was dedicated to higher education for both himself and others. The Modern GDP promises to be as inspiring as Anoop’s passion for the profession, teaching others and selflessly helping those who crossed his path.

The exciting topics covered during the event will range from occlusion, orthodontics and dental implants to digital dentistry, the ABB (align, bleach, bond) technique and the business of dentistry. The renowned speakers presenting at The Modern GDP include Ken Harris, Steffen Decker, Daz Singh, Prav Solanki, Zaki Kanaan and Simon Chard. 

Ken Harris will be kicking off the event with a lecture on “Occlusion: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Real-World Occlusion for Long-term Predictable Cosmetic Dentistry”. Based on the teachings of John Kois, a logical step-by-step process will be outlined that enables the general dentist to approach the often-confusing world of occlusion with greater confidence.

This session will be followed up by Steffen Decker’s lecture on “Orthodontics – Quo Vadis? The Future of Orthodontics”, which will address the importance of education in order to provide the patient with the best solution for them. Steffen will also be asking the question as to whether direct-to-consumer orthodontics is the future of treatment.

An insightful lecture on “Aesthetic Dental Practice: Align, Bleach, Bond” will then be presented by Daz Singh, who will provide a brief overview on how the ABB protocol can enhance aesthetic outcomes. He is also keen to discuss how delegates can implement ABB into practice as an everyday dental treatment concept. 

Delegates can also look forward to a session entitled “Leads for Life: Conversion Hacks for Winning Lifelong Fans”, where Prav Solanki will reveal how to use deceptively simple marketing hacks to create an army of raving fans. Delegates will learn how to get into the mindset of patients, walk a mile in their shoes and use storytelling to focus their practice marketing strategy.

In addition, Zaki Kanaan will take the stage to present on “Outside The Box Thinking for Enhanced Treatment Outcomes”. During this session, Zaki will discuss and showcase the various types of cases that leave dentists scratching their heads. He will then explain how – with some innovative techniques and a little ‘outside the box thinking’ – clinicians can plan and execute treatment predictably for such cases.

Ending the event on a high, Simon Chard will look at “The Evolution of Modern Cosmetic Dentistry”, diving into discussions on how embracing the latest technology in his clinic has enabled him to revolutionise the patient journey – from diagnosis and planning, to treatment delivery. Simon will also consider new developments in dentistry from an environmental perspective and what the profession can do to be more sustainable.

Join the BACD in celebrating the life of Anoop Maini at The Modern GDP memorial event ­– tickets for which are now available via the BACD website (www.bacd.com).