Celebrating brilliance

01 January 2018
3 min read

From the minute you set foot in education until your last day as a dental professional, dentistry is one long learning continuum. Continuing professional development, master’s degrees, specialist diplomas, short-term courses and training events; all of these avenues help to shape the professional career of each and every individual, ensuring, in turn, a high standard of dentistry. An awareness of the importance of personal progression and skill development is particularly pertinent in the younger generation of dentists and dental care professionals, especially when it comes to professionalism and the effective delivery of patient care.

To help with this, the Association of Dental Groups (ADG) has teamed up with The Dentist and Dental Update for the 2018 Bursary Awards, with a greater focus on ingenuity and innovation than ever before. As in previous years, the awards are open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, with a range of exciting opportunities available to the successful candidates.

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