Change – the only constant

09 May 2021

Catherine Rutland discusses the continued need to adapt and change.

Do you ever feel like you can’t learn fast enough? I have to say, this is me a lot of the time at the moment! I love to learn, not just for my role, but also in so many areas of life. This last year with things changing constantly in so many fields, it has sometimes felt that there is never enough time to read, learn, listen and reflect.

Some of my learning is through wider projects with many different people. I mentioned last month that we had held a virtual roundtable  and that the aim of this was to understand differing viewpoints and feed these into a white paper on the future of dentistry.

Working on this has taught me so much and it has been so satisfying to see the project go from conception last year, to being launched in April. Gathering views and information, the team has explored many areas of the profession and at the centre of it, taken our members’ views and explored further in the areas that mattered most to them.

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