Changing the plan mid-treatment? Easy!

04 November 2023

A look at how to adapt to optimise your patient’s result.

When providing patients with orthodontic treatment using clear aligners, it’s important to monitor their progress to ensure that treatment is on track. By doing this, you will be able to more effectively make any adjustments needed and ensure that patients are complying with advice.

It’s important to inform patients that things may change during treatment or that they might require additional sets of aligners, commonly known as a revision, to target specific areas or finish off the desired movements. By monitoring patients closely, clinicians can make these judgements early to try and prevent extending the length of treatment.

Monitoring cases

During orthodontic check-ups, you might consider using an intraoral scanner to take digital impressions, as they are able to be used alongside treatment planning software to allow you and your patients to visualise progress. If the patient’s teeth are not moving as expected or are moving more slowly, it may be necessary to use some additional aligners or add some orthodontic clinical features.

Adding auxiliary features

Adjustments may include adding additional, different-sized or bevelled engagers, cutouts for use with buttons and elastics, and anterior or posterior bite ramps to enable you to customise treatment to your patient’s specific needs. This is a fantastic way to tackle more complex cases, which might otherwise not be possible using a clear aligner.

Optimising control

Digital dentistry provides clinicians with an array of treatment planning tools which offer greater control and improved predictability. Additionally, cutting-edge treatment planning software enables faster editing of the arches, providing efficiency during teeth movement programming, which helps the clinician to have a more accurate depiction of the treatment outcomes after occlusal adjustments. This takes any guesswork out of treatment planning, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the clinical scenario and the impact that the adjustments you make will have.

Managing cases

Within the practice, you are likely to undertake a number of clear aligner treatments at once, with multiple patients under your care, requiring regular reviews. Therefore, it’s important to manage your cases effectively.

When you provide clear aligners from ClearCorrect you gain access to a variety of fantastic features which allow you to keep complete control of your patient’s treatment. ClearCorrect understands that managing multiple cases can present its challenges. This is why the Doctor Portal optimises organisation and management. The platform allows you to easily identify and filter cases, with colour-coded categories, while offering practice insights which monitor the health of your clear aligner business.

Additionally, ClearPilot 7.0 gives you more control over your treatment plans with the Bite Jump Simulation, Arch Editing Tool, and drag-and-drop editing of ClearControl clinical features. ClearCorrect has even made it easy to upgrade your plans mid-treatment, directly in the Doctor Portal, to include more aligners or revisions to meet your patient’s needs at every stage of treatment.


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