Check your CPD in time!

13 June 2024

Dental Protection has urged dental care professionals (DCPs) to check their CPD hours ahead of time in case they need to make up any shortfall before the registration renewal deadline.

The General Dental Council (GDC) opened the renewal period this week, and DCPs have until July 31, 2024, to successfully meet all the renewal requirements.

Yvonne Shaw, deputy dental director at Dental Protection, said, “Every year, Dental Protection speaks to members whose registration and ability to work has been impacted by missing the renewal requirements. For a number of them, registration is removed for failing to record sufficient CPD and particularly meet the requirement to have undertaken at least 10 hours of CPD within the previous two years. As the renewal window opens, we urge colleagues to check their CPD hours early so they have sufficient time to make up any shortfall.

“Confirming adequate indemnity arrangements is also an important step, and DCPs should check and ensure their indemnity covers their full scope of practice. For example, hygienists and therapists who have started to work through direct access, should check their indemnity includes this work. As a final check, remember to ensure that the payment has gone through before the deadline of July 31.”