College of General Dentistry appoints new ambassadors

14 September 2020
3 min read

College ambassadors are drawn from different backgrounds and walks of life. They support engagement of the college in society, and promote its influence in the interests of patients, building trust and confidence in the College and dental healthcare professionals. Ambassadors help the college to ensure that dentistry is properly recognised for its importance as an integral element of general healthcare and wellbeing. Ambassadors also support the college’s mission to promote preventatively orientated, minimum interventive, patient-centred, longitudinal care.

More ambassadors will be appointed in the coming months as the college works towards its historic, formal launch, rescheduled for early 2021, Covid restrictions permitting.

Chair of the college’s board of trustees, Professor Nairn Wilson, said, “The board of trustees of the college is delighted to further develop the college ambassador scheme with the appointment of Professors Jason Leitch and Jacky Hayden, both of whom have a wealth of experience and expertise. The college greatly looks forward to working with its new ambassadors in realising its immediate and longer-term goals, including reaching out to all stakeholders, including patients and other healthcare professions, to enhance the effectiveness, standing and status of dentistry.”

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