Combatting racism in the workplace

15 March 2022
3 min read

Tina Chander discusses the responsibilities for employers

The high-profile case involving Yorkshire Country Cricket Club and ex-player Azeem Rafiq dominated headlines at the end of 2021, as the club’s mismanagement of historical racism accusations led to an extensive select committee investigation.

Having originally downplayed the incidents as “friendly and good-natured banter” that didn’t warrant disciplinary action, the club found itself at the centre of a legal, financial and reputational storm – serving as a stark warning to businesses across other industries.

It goes without saying that racism must be kept out of the workplace at all costs, and failing to implement the necessary processes and policies, means your business runs the risk of allowing a toxic culture/environment to develop.

Pleading ignorance is no excuse when it comes to racism in the workplace, so it is important for employers to familiarise themselves with the laws surrounding the issue, whilst employees should educate themselves on the subject.

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