Coping in a crisis

02 September 2020
2 min read

How has Covid-19 impacted practice?

LH: Practices in Wales never really closed and we have been seeing patients for extractions and dressings throughout. As well as phone triage and limited face-to-face with patients, I’ve been busy with work on behalf of the BDA and Confidental. Of course, the traffic on Mental Dental has been somewhat increased over this period as well.


How has this affected your own mental health?

LH: My mental health has been fairly stable but it’s easy to become overwhelmed when there are many tasks that need urgent attention. It’s been necessary to step back from social media on occasion and take time away from the screens so that I can regain focus.

I’ve really enjoyed having more time with my family and they’ve enjoyed joining me on the odd Zoom meeting.


Has the number of dentists joining the closed Facebook group spiked these past few months?

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