Covid-19 antibody test designed for use by dentists released

24 November 2020
2 min read

Oral healthcare manufacturer Curaden is releasing a coronavirus antibody rapid test suitable for the dental profession – the BioSURE Covid-19 IgA, IgC & IgM Antibody cassette test. 

The BioSURE test enables dental professionals to detect coronavirus antibodies, which is important in helping to differentiate between symptoms of Covid-19 and the common cold/flu. The test can identify the presence of three different antibodies: IgA, IgM and IgG. When IgA and IgM are detected without the presence of IgG it means that the person is newly infected with coronavirus and is still likely to be infectious. If the person only has IgG antibodies, then the person has previously been infected and their immune system has produced antibodies. Evidence is increasingly demonstrating that people who have had Covid-19 and produce IgG antibodies are very unlikely to be able to pass on the virus.

Nevertheless, knowledge about immunity is still developing. Whilst there is evidence of Covid-19 IgG antibodies declining after eight weeks, any future infection should be quickly recognised by the person’s immune system due to T-cell memory. The only way to detect reactivated antibodies is through regular antibody testing, although there are currently no known UK cases of reinfection. If dental professionals are able to regularly test for antibodies, with the help of the BioSURE test, it will enable them to make better informed decisions about their workplace.

The test is simple to perform, works by analysing a small finger prick of blood – only 5ul – and gives results in just 10 minutes. No additional equipment is required but the test must be carried out by a trained healthcare professional. The Curaden team will provide training, as well as ongoing support through its partnered app; the BioSURE Powered by PocDoc app. The app acts as a companion and has already been trialled with companies including gyms, restaurants, dental practices and co-working spaces.

When asked, 99 per cent of people who have taken part so far have said the screenings were “very easy” to use. Testimonials include:

  • “From a testing and results basis, it was straightforward, quick and hassle-free; a perfect set-up” – Shaun Stafford, director of City Athletic.
  • “The BioSURE team made us feel at ease with their friendly professionalism. The testing process was simple, and the results empowered us all to understand more about our health. A valuable experience for our multinational team” – Eve Bugler, managing director of BabaBoom.
  • “We offered the BioSURE workplace Covid-19 testing solution to our co-workspace tenants at The Light Box. We found it a very quick and easy offering; the test itself is painless and the BioSURE testing team were very friendly and helpful with all our questions. It was great to get rapid, accurate results and find out if our Light Box tenants had Covid-19” – Nikki Wilkinson, building manager at The Light Box.

Each box contains 25 individually pouched BioSURE cassette tests, 25 blood collection cups, 25 Unistik Touch single-use safety lancets, one bottle of buffer solution (sufficient for 25 tests) and a product insert. Each box is being retailed at £1,000 excluding VAT, with each individual test working out at £40 excluding VAT.

The BioSURE Covid-19 Triple Antibody Test is developed and manufactured in the UK, CE marked and MHRA registered.

For more information call 01480 862084, email or visit