Covid-19 antibody test designed for use by dentists released

24 November 2020
2 min read

Oral healthcare manufacturer Curaden is releasing a coronavirus antibody rapid test suitable for the dental profession – the BioSURE Covid-19 IgA, IgC & IgM Antibody cassette test. 

The BioSURE test enables dental professionals to detect coronavirus antibodies, which is important in helping to differentiate between symptoms of Covid-19 and the common cold/flu. The test can identify the presence of three different antibodies: IgA, IgM and IgG. When IgA and IgM are detected without the presence of IgG it means that the person is newly infected with coronavirus and is still likely to be infectious. If the person only has IgG antibodies, then the person has previously been infected and their immune system has produced antibodies. Evidence is increasingly demonstrating that people who have had Covid-19 and produce IgG antibodies are very unlikely to be able to pass on the virus.

Nevertheless, knowledge about immunity is still developing. Whilst there is evidence of Covid-19 IgG antibodies declining after eight weeks, any future infection should be quickly recognised by the person’s immune system due to T-cell memory. The only way to detect reactivated antibodies is through regular antibody testing, although there are currently no known UK cases of reinfection. If dental professionals are able to regularly test for antibodies, with the help of the BioSURE test, it will enable them to make better informed decisions about their workplace.

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