COVID-19: Dental Protection announces two months of free membership

27 March 2020
2 min read

Members of Dental Protection are being offered subscription relief. A payment into members’ bank account would be made that is equivalent to two months’ subscription.

As it is unclear when normal patient activity will resume, the organisation has confirmed that it will keep the support provided by subscription relief under review in the months ahead.

Dental Protection says it is finalising the process for issuing these subscription refunds to members and that they expect to start issuing these payments within the next few weeks.

Alternatively, members who choose to stop practising completely – even for a short period during this crisis – can instead opt to become a deferred member of Dental Protection. They will not pay a subscription during this time and they may return as an active member on the same terms when they resume practice at a later date. It is important to note that while membership is deferred members will not be entitled to the benefits of membership if they carry out any clinical activity including providing telephone triage for patients with urgent needs.

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