COVID-19 Recovery – Now is the time for strong leadership

11 May 2020
1 min read


There are four characteristics of strong leadership and Andy Acton from Frank Taylor & Associates says its COVID-19 Recovery Package is designed to help you reset your leadership thinking in readiness for the next part of your journey.


To be inspiring you need a vision and to articulate this clearly and repeatedly. Your team will lose sight of where the ultimate goal is without constant reminders. It also shows that you are consistent and determined in your pursuit of your vision.

You also need to be the champion of the future. Great business leaders are out in the future inviting their team to join them.



Recovering from COVID-19 is going to require fortitude, determination, and focus. You will need to be goal orientated to stay on track. Focussing on these goals will help set the pace in your business.  It is quite possible the pace will be different to what the team were used to pre-Covid-19.

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