Covid-19: Thoughts of the dental sector

02 September 2020
4 min read

When, if at all, do you believe/expect your business will be fully operational again?

On balance, many (39 per cent) dentists feel it will take between three to six months before being fully operational; more optimistically, 29 per cent are of the opinion it will only take them up to three months. One in 10 dentists are taking the longer view and think it will take anything up to a year before things are properly back to normal. 

Do you expect your business to expand or contract over the next 12 months?

Dentists are remarkably positive about their prospects in the coming year, with 31 per cent expecting to expand against only 5 per cent who anticipate contracting; 63 per cent will be ‘staying the same’.

How do you think your revenue during the next 12 months will compare (in per cent terms) to levels prior to COVID-19 lockdown?

Only 18 per cent of dentists think they will see an increase in revenue in the coming year with a further six per cent saying they don’t anticipate any difference; 76 per cent of those polled are expecting a decrease of anything between one per cent and 60 per cent.

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