Covid-19 update: PPE and mixed practice financial support

03 April 2020
1 min read

In a statement on the BDA website, it reads: 'Following ongoing BDA dialogue, it is our understanding that NHS England now confirms that the application of the principles outlined in the preparedness letter of 25 March 2020 for practices benefitting from continued NHS funding are intended to apply to NHS income only. Contract holders wishing to claim against additional Government support schemes should ensure that this is in relation to the proportion of private revenue only. 

'In line with the methodology of determining private and NHS income used for business rates reimbursements contractors are advised to use the proportion of gross income that relates to GDS/PDS contract value as NHS revenue, the balance being private share. Those contractors who claim business rates reimbursements will have this data readily available.'

In essence, practices that now wish to claim against additional government support schemes, such as ‘furloughing’ staff, must ensure that this is in relation to the proportion of private revenue only.  

NHS England expects that as part of the 2020/2021 reconciliation process practices will be expected to declare that they have not applied for any duplicative Government funding and provide evidence of the portion of NHS/private income used in any applications for additional support.

Additionally, there has been new guidance published jointly by the public health agencies across the UK and the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges setting out recommended personal protective equipment (PPE), including for primary care dentistry.

The advice restates the previous position that a filtering face piece respirator is recommended for aerosol generating procedures (AGPs), but that for other direct patient care, a fluid-resistant (type IIR) surgical mask remains appropriate.

The BDA commented: 'We continue to have serious concerns about the advice that fluid resistant surgical masks and other routine personal protective equipment (PPE) offer adequate protection for non-aerosol generating procedures in dental care. We will update our position shortly.' 

The BDA’s Coronavirus update page is available to all whether or not they are members and is continuously revised.