Creating a positive mindset: keynote speaker announced

06 June 2023

The British Orthodontic Society is delighted to be welcoming Paul McKenna to the British Orthodontic Conference 2023 (BOC2023) on September 28 to deliver his keynote address. Paul is the world's most successful hypnotist. Famous for his TV shows and celebrity appearances, Paul hopes to deliver a mesmerising experience to reduce stress and anxiety, tackle mental health, increase self-confidence and create a positive mindset.

We currently live in a time of unprecedented challenges, uncertainty, overwhelming stress, loss of hope at times and a need for mental strength and adaptability to a new way of life. During this event, delegates will learn about discovering their own natural, most powerful resources for self-care, self-belief and taking control of their life.

During this session on positivity, delegates will learn how to:

  • Take control of their thoughts and feelings
  • Have a calm, healthy, confident mind
  • Adapt to problems and challenges
  • Create a compelling future
  • Become powerfully motivated

Paul is just one of a world-class line-up of speakers at the QEII Conference Centre in Westminster, between September 28 - 30. Other hugely respected speakers from the UK and around the world include Sebastian Baumgaertel, Simon Graf, Rishma Shah, Flavia Artese and James Andrews, Linda Greenwall, Jason Smithson, Andrew DiBiase and Ama Johal.

Trevor Hodge, chair of the British Orthodontic Conference Committee, said, “I’m looking forward to bringing the conference back to London, and we cannot wait to welcome everyone.”

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