Cutting-edge collagen membrane launched

02 February 2024

BioHorizons Camlog has announced the launch of Striate+, an innovative collagen membrane developed by Orthocell Ltd for advanced bone and tissue regeneration.

The combination of superior handling, optimal durability, apparent osteoconductivity, and enhanced clinical outcomes makes Striate+ a membrane of choice for guided bone and tissue regeneration.

BioHorizons Camlog and Orthocell Ltd have entered into a global distribution and manufacturing agreement for Striate+. The product strengthens BioHorizons Camlog’s position as a global provider of regenerative solutions for implant dentistry.

Striate+ is manufactured from porcine-derived raw materials, selectively sourced from Australian veterinary-certified animals. The manufacturing process, referred to as Scaffold Matrix Regenerative Therapy (SMRT), removes immunogenic contaminants and ensures high biocompatibility while preserving the structure of the native collagen. The absence of any chemical modification or crosslinking promotes the integration of Striate+ with the surrounding soft tissues and can help to minimise the risk of wound dehiscence. Striate+ is fully resorbed through physiological processes within 26 weeks, so a second surgical intervention to remove Striate+ is not necessary.

Furthermore, Striate+ exhibited excellent handling and usability. It can be applied without prior hydration and will gently conform and adhere to the defect contours without fixation yet can be stabilised by suturing and pinning if needed.

A comparative study demonstrated that Striate+ had higher mechanical strength than a leading competitor product. The membrane absorbs fluids by capillarity but doesn’t excessively swell, facilitating the primary closure and making it particularly suitable for patients with thin phenotypes.

Striate+ has a bilayer structure with a rough and smooth side. The smooth side, comprising densely packed collagen fibres, acts as a barrier to the infiltration of gingival cells while allowing the passage of bioactive molecules. Conversely, the rough side, composed of loosely distributed collagen fibers, provides a scaffold for osteoprogenitor cells to deposit osteoid. This results in an active promotion of bone formation and allows for early implant placement.

Striate+ is exclusively available from BioHorizons Camlog.


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