DDU introduces social media e-learning course

09 October 2018
1 min read

The resource includes fictional scenarios that are based on common queries and concerns received from members.

Topics covered include:

So far, feedback to the tool has been positive, with participants commenting that the tool is “extremely helpful and informative, particularly with real life scenarios and referring to GDC Standards” with “easy to follow content, beautifully presented”.

Leo Briggs, deputy head of the DDU, stated, “Dental professionals have embraced social media and overall it is having a positive impact on dentistry by, for example, helping them to market their practice or giving patients access to more healthcare information from the profession itself. However, mistakes on social media, such as an inappropriate comment or photo, are easy to make and can damage your reputation and career. 

“Consequently, the aim of this e-learning tool is to help dental professionals and students maximise the benefits of using social media and appreciate its pitfalls whilst continuing to meet ethical and legal obligations.”

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