DDU welcomes complaints handling principles

20 November 2018
1 min read

The DDU, which took part in the working group about the principles, said the new advice will help to cement some of the complaints handling techniques it recommends to its members.

John Makin, head of the DDU, said, “Complaints are common and it’s vital that dental professionals know how to respond to them professionally and appropriately. The universal principles being published today will help to remind the profession about the importance of good complaints handling and also reassure patients that their concerns will be taken seriously and addressed.

“During 2017, the DDU supported members with over 1,800 complaints from patients. Our data indicates that around 90 per cent of complaints can be resolved at practice level with our help.

“While dealing with a complaint may be somewhat stressful and time consuming, it is time and effort well spent to try to resolve concerns as quickly as possible, at the most local level and to the satisfaction of all concerned.”

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