Defence organisation says updated indemnity guidance is ‘a positive step forward’

21 June 2023

The revised General Dental Council (GDC) guidance on professional indemnity and insurance will help dental professionals to sieve through any misinformation as they weigh up their options and choose the protection that is right for them.

In its response to the GDC consultation, Dental Protection welcomes the updated guidance and particularly notes the timeliness of the clarity in the wake of the ongoing debate about the different indemnity and insurance products available.

Raj Rattan, dental director at Dental Protection, said, “This proposed draft guidance provides a clear explanation of what dental professionals must consider in order to ensure they are compliant with legal and regulatory requirements with regards to indemnity and insurance.

“In our experience, not all dental professionals understand the differences in products available or the implications of changing to a different product. In this context, we believe that this draft guidance is a positive step forward in helping dental professionals understand the options available and make an informed decision on the protection that is right for them.

“The draft guidance contains a checklist of questions to ask yourself, including what limits and conditions apply to the claim’s protection. It also addresses questions such as whether assistance with fitness to practise investigations and support with wellbeing are provided, which are important for registrants to have in place but are not made available by all providers.

“The GDC’s statistics show that between 2018 and 2021, 34 per cent of dentists and 72 per cent of dental care professionals who had a hearing did not have legal representation and that registrants without legal representation were much more likely to receive a harsher sanction. We, therefore, believe it is appropriate and right for the GDC to highlight the importance of assistance with fitness to practise investigations within its indemnity guidance.

“At Dental Protection, we take a balanced approach to explaining the different products available, but sadly not all market participants do so. This draft guidance from the GDC will be helpful for dental professionals in weighing up their options.”