Delaying a trip to the dentist comes at a high price, says Unum Dental

08 September 2020
2 min read

Since June 8, UK dental practices have been able to reopen to patients, after a two-month closure; making it easier for patients to reschedule check-ups or book in for much-needed treatments. However, research suggests a third of patients plan to visit their dentist less often since lockdown restrictions eased.

Getting back into a routine of regular dental and hygienist visits is vital to ensuring long term oral health and preventing more serious health issues from arising undetected. Check-ups include an examination of teeth and gums; a check on general health and problems with teeth, mouth and gums; and advice about diet, smoking and teeth-cleaning habits – all of which may have been overlooked during the lockdown. But Unum claims data suggests there’s a high financial price to putting off a trip to the dentist too.

From a cost perspective, employees with Unum Dental cover who visit their dentist for regular private preventative treatment such as check-ups and teeth cleaning and X-rays as well as restorative treatment when required, such as fillings, crowns and implants, can expect to be charged, on average, £326.98 per year for these services. Those who overlook preventative treatment and only seek restorative treatment can see the cost of treatment rise on average to £530.57 – that’s a 62 per cent increase in cost per patient.

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