Dental academy expands with the launch of a new campus

16 September 2023

As part of its commitment to bringing high-quality clinical education programming to dental professionals, Dentsply Sirona is expanding its DS Academy digital education opportunities with a new DS Campus online. Dental professionals will find a range of on-demand content covering topics in implant dentistry, restorative, orthodontics, and digital dentistry, as well as a number of live webinars that begin in October of 2023. 

The new DS Academy Campus is an additional touch point to engage with the DS Academy clinical, technical, and product education. The DS Campus will focus on offering high-quality educational content on innovative trends and topics in digital dentistry. From digital aligner workflows to integrating artificial intelligence into the dental practice, Dentsply Sirona aims to build its DS Academy community and invites dental professionals worldwide to learn and develop themselves and their practice with confidence.

Many of the on-demand courses and webinars are eligible for Continuing Education (CE) credits in certain locales. The company is committed to helping dental professionals achieve their professional goals as well as maintain the highest standards of patient care.

Featured on the DS Campus is a series of webinars on major topics in digital dentistry, implants, and clear aligners. Michael Parchewsky will give his live webinar on ‘Artificial Intelligence: From oral health to systemic health; How ai can help support dentistry.’ This timely webinar takes place on October 26, 2023. “Artificial Intelligence has made a lot of news recently as technology develops rapidly. But how will this impact my work as a clinician? How can I leverage the power of AI systems to benefit my practice and my patients? “I am excited for the opportunity to present my thoughts and have a lively discussion with the online audience in October,” said Michael.

The second webinar, which will take place on November 15, 2023, features Sara Mahmood discussing ‘Predictable results with clear aligner therapy’. Additional webinars will take place monthly, presenting a range of relevant topics within implant and orthodontic dentistry presented by a distinguished expert speaker.

High-quality education, multiple ways to access it

DS Academy provides almost a half a million clinical education and training engagements to dental professionals each year.  The world-class education is offered in all fields of dentistry, from diagnosis and treatment planning to endodontics, implants and aligners. Clinical education is a pillar of the company’s mission and vision to transform dentistry and help dental professionals move forward with confidence. Dental practitioners are educated every day at one of 55 education centres in 33 countries. These centres offer training in modern techniques, digital workflows, and exposure to innovative developments in dentistry.

The company also develops outstanding clinical education events, such as its flagship DS World, which continues to expand geographies, bringing in new audiences in various parts of the globe. With over 100 courses taught by more than 75 locally and internationally distinguished instructors and two live surgeries taking place, participants in the 2023 DS World Las Vegas can customise their own learning journey and have an unforgettable experience at the event.

For those unable to attend an in-person educational opportunity due to limited travel time and busy work schedules, online education offers a solution. To meet this need, DS Academy continues to expand its library of online clinical education courses. Now, the company is taking its digital educational offerings a step further by creating the DS Academy Campus hosted by Dental Tribune International.

Erania Brackett, senior vice president of orthodontic aligner solutions and customer experience, said, “Clinical education is paramount for professional development and for ensuring the best care for patients. As digitalization transforms workflows and dental practices, Dentsply Sirona wants to ensure that learning new skills and techniques, is as convenient as possible, and in an engaging way through the DS Campus. The live webinars feature a carefully curated lineup of experts who will delve into important topics, starting with one that’s on everyone’s mind: Artificial Intelligence.”


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