Dental beauty powered by nature

22 February 2023

Julia Svec considers the benefits of using natural whitening agents.

There is a growing demand for natural ingredients in a range of products from the UK (and global) population. People care about what they are putting in or on their bodies, its impact on the environment and its long-term sustainability. This is particularly true for cosmetic or health products and is no different in dentistry. Tooth whitening is a fine example of where product ingredients may be changing to reflect this shift in preferences. Of course, solutions still need to be backed by science and research, but usage of safe, cruelty-free and natural substances is becoming the new gold standard.

Demand for whitening remains high

 In today’s appearance-driven society, cosmetic dental procedures like tooth whitening remain in-demand. In the UK, cosmetic dentistry is predicted to rise by five per cent annually until 2026. Globally, tooth whitening alone is estimated to be worth more than £5.5bn and is projected to rise to £9.5bn by 2030.

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