Dental course organisers to donate 70 per cent of profits to help Ukraine

07 March 2022
1 min read

A dental recruitment company is donating 70 per cent of the profit raised from one of its upcoming courses to charities supporting marginalised communities in Ukraine and Poland. 

Diamond Dental Staff launches the eight-week treatment coordinating programme March 9, and founder Emma Anastasi has chosen to use it as the ideal fundraising opportunity.

She said, “The majority of our course fee (£350 of the £499 fee for each delegate) will be donated to carefully selected charities. Community and inclusion are at our core and it has been heart-breaking to see how the situation in Ukraine has escalated over the past months.

“It was also distressing to see and hear how members of the BAME community were treated, and how the LGBTQ+ community are also left behind, in hiding out of sheer fear. We have a very small platform, but we hope we are able to inspire others and influence change.”

Many organisations around the world have condemned the racist treatment of black, south Asian and Mediterranean people among those trying to flee to safety amid fighting against Russian troops in Ukraine.

The crisis also threatens to destroy any progress that has been made for marginalised groups in Ukraine, with one LGBT+ activist and army veteran describing Russia as a ‘tyrannical, homophobic enemy’.

Emma added, “This terrible situation has highlighted to us that we could have done more in the past, so we promise to do more in the future.”

Register here for the eight-week course, starting at 7.00pm on Wednesday March 9.

For those unable to make Wednesday’s start date, Diamond Dental Staff is already looking at introducing another date.